Fileboard App

Hi All,

Has anybody checked this app out yet?
I was looking for a way to send attachments from an iPad, and apparently this may be a solution?



iPad blog by JWI

Dear All,

I think that all teachers on the iPad trial should download the above app.

This trial is to enhance teaching and learning across the board. As we increase the numbers of iPads in the school, the benefits for the students will unfold.
But what of the teachers?..
I am doing it ALL with iDoceo and it literally is changing my life as a teacher and practitioner, and giving me back hours of my life!

No, I’m not being dramatic or making it up.

Simply stated:
Converting files from Sims to this app takes a couple of minutes. So, within minutes you have data in your app – password protected of course! This enables you to not only get to know your students better and quicker, but to curb your lessons to meet their needs in a really effective way. No more piles of paper and backaches lugging huge diaries stuffed with numerous add-ins to school…

There is a two-week timetable. Touch on a particular cohort from your Class Lists and their data comes up – you create the pages you need – coursework, homework, sanctions, rewards, book scrutinies, full reports, accelerated reader notes… you name it. Creating them are simple and the format in which you would like your mark sheets are simple too.

Planning is a breeze, especially from a MTP – now I can plan a week of lessons in a matter of minutes… I keep my MTP in pages, it is now so much more logical.

Email all students at the touch of a tab – the same goes for parents if you see fit.

Seating plans are instant and easy. It even has a student selector at a roll of the dice for effective and fair questioning and gaining feedback and responses!

Saving takes a second, via Dropbox, but I haven’t used this facility yet till I get a little more reassurance as to the reliability of it as a safe place to store sensitive info.

This may sound like jargon to you, but if you see this in action you will be snapping at Tony’s heels for an iPad!

I would like to arrange an Inset on this particular app ASAP!