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iPads with yr 10s into 11 today

I used 14 iPads today with my new yr 11 group. Their task was to produce a documentary about either the use of drugs in sport or about addiction and rehabilitation. Both tasks required them to have some real life case studies. This week was mainly research and making decisions about what they were going to produce and when they get back after work experience, they will make the actual videos.

I found using the iPads really motivating, but because of the novelty, it took a while for the students to actually start work. They were more interested in playing with the apps. However, in some ways that was also useful because I had assumed all of the students would use iMovie to produce their final piece of work and that they would only use that and Safari for research, but in fact, several groups used other apps too.

Things that the lesson highlighted for me:

1. Unless students have the same iPad next lesson, they will not be able to access their work unless they emailed it to themselves or asked me to transfer it to my computer

2. Students need to be able to save work in such a way that they can access it from anywhere. Most apps do not give the option to save work to Google (ie. our Chiswickcloud). Drop box might be the solution.

3. It is not possible to attach files from their school emails using the iPads so they could only cut and paste information into the body of their email, rather than send a document

4. The use of iPads motivates some students who do not always work well. For example, Josh (10 Marlborough)  said that he thought he could produce something really good and he worked all lesson – this is a student who had completed very little work all of last year in his RS lessons. However, this might just be the novelty value.



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