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Admin with the iPad

I have been focussing my use of the iPad on getting rid of my paper planner. Which I have now done.

I am using 2 apps;

Teacher Asst.


Teacher Asst.
Brilliant for monitoring behaviour. You can upload your classes using a CSV file and include parent contact details. Set up a series of Actions which you are monitoring (positive and negative) and then keep track of behaviour against these actions. When they reach a specified level you can email home or do it immediately if there any serious incidents.

A great idea! Set up your timetable and plan your lessons on your iPad. The app is £6.99 but unfortunately it crashes and looses your data quite often. However, if you’re a committed gadget freak like me you can fork out £24.95 for the full computer version and sync with your iPad via Dropbox. I haven’t had a crash since!

The kids are amazed with Teacher Asst. and are fascinated about how I can now email parents with behaviour reports at the push of a button!!!


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