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Thinking about using the iPads in September

One of the real issues we have in OM is that we can’t store all of the work produced by students and because students work in different groups for each new unit, students do not have a complete set of their own work.

I have decide to use either noteshelf or notes plus so that for each unit, students can produce an eportfolio of work. Both of these apps will let them keep record of everything they do as work done on paper etc can be photographed and added to their notes.

I was concerned that students would always have to use the same iPad as they had used previously so that they have access to their notes. However, over the weekend, I had a bit of a play and if each student has their own dropbox account, they will be able to access their work from any ipad or computer as both apps export notes as pdf files.

The only problem I can see now, is that students will need access to their school emails straight away at the start of September so that they can use these to set up their Dropbox account in the first couple of lessons the first week back. Last year they didn’t get their email addresses for quite a while.


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