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Thinking about how to use different apps in lessons

Because we are going to have the iPads to use in class from September, I am starting to look at schemes of work now to see how we can adapt things and incorporate the iPads into most lessons.

One of the things that became very apparent straight away was that if students are going to use apps such as iannotate PDF then they need access to the pdf files etc. Having thought about using a blog to store the documents etc, I finally decided on a wiki as the layout seemed to be better suited to what I need.

As I am going through the schemes I am adding things to the wiki so that staff and students can use it in lessons. As well as using it to store documents, I am also adding QR codes to it, so that students do not have to type in long site addresses.

To make things even easier for staff and students, I am going to make some posters with a QR code with the wiki’s website address within it, so students only have to scan that to get straight to the wiki. I think QR codes are genius!!

It’s early days yet, but if you go here omresources.pbworks.com and then click on introduction to OM, you will see the things we need to use in the first couple of lessons. (sorry, for some reason, I can’t get the hyper links to work on this blog, so you will either have to type the address in, or use the QR code below).


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