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Using the Flipboard app to find more information and educational apps

I’ve had my own iPad for a few months and because I knew that OM were going to get iPads to use in the classroom, I have been looking for apps which might be useful. Because the search facility on the Apps Store is rubbish, it isn’t always that easy to find good things to use.

One thing that has been very useful is the Flipboard app, which is free to download. You can set this up to collect information from all sorts of social media, such as twitter, Google+ and Google reader. What I have found really useful is that you can set it up so that anytime a particular hash tag is entered on twitter it will deliever that information to your flipboard to read when you want to. Doing this has helped me find all sorts of things, not only apps, but reviews of apps and suggestions for how to use them too.

Some of the things I am following in this way are #ipaddapps #edtech #ukedchat and #edapps. This has helped me to find lots of interesting apps and ideas for using ipads in the classroom.

If this doesn’t make sense feel free to ask me to show you flipboard on my iPad or have a look at the following link




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